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TOP is like so friggin ugly...
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He is so majestic

He is so perfect

He is so handsome

Explain to me how he is ugly, like please. I am not joking.

Everything about this man is beautiful. 

he is a gift from god…

So fucking handsome.

and he is funny as fuck

and his dancing oh my god, just another thing to make him beautiful.

He is beautiful in every way possible. 

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cr: kindergarten

cr: kindergarten

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 Hello Stranger bonus!

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u got no jams 2.0

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chaerin & soohyun 

chaerin & soohyun 

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What if Big Byung legit wins Rookie Of the Year awards? Like their name is announced without even being nominated and Sungjae, Hyuk and N get up from their seats hesitantly like ‘should we go up?’ And then theres Jackson who jumps out of his seat screaming, rubs it in his members faces and runs up grabs the award doing a flip with it pounds on his chest then points to the heavens and then thanks himself first for their win. Asap Rocky being the second person he thanks.

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  • SM: *releases an album of SHINee breathing over a dubstep track*
  • Me: This is what I mean!! This is REAL music here PURE artistry just talent unlimited talent
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baekhyun - die jungs photobook dvd

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i bet jimin’s already scheming of ways she can dispose of the other jimin so she can become the true alpha

there can be only one 

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SM’s Official update - TLP in Singapore

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Whatever happened to Xiumin on the next 90:2014

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